If you want more sales, you should stamp out 'No' from your culture today.

Topics include:
  • Engaging customers
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Theatrical service
  • The customer service experience
Video Lessons
60 min
Approx. Training Time

Skills covered in this module

  • Customer support
  • Customer care
  • Customer relations
  • Customer complaints
Video Lessons
  • People Don't Pay For

    People Don't Pay For "No"

    If you want more sales, you should stamp out 'No' from your culture today.
  • Empowering Staff

    Empowering Staff

    Delight customers and boost loyalty by giving staff the power to fix problems.
  • Crutch Words

    Crutch Words

    Sound more effective by eradicating these words from your vocabulary.
  • Attend To The Detail

    Attend To The Detail

    Attend to these small details & make a huge impact on your business growth.
  • Some Simple Tips

    Some Simple Tips

    There are dozens of promotional opportunities in your business – find them!
  • Phone Etiquette

    Phone Etiquette

    Six powerful phone strategies that'll make a difference – implement them now
  • Educate Me Please

    Educate Me Please

    Create more value for your products and boost sales through education.
  • Business Is Relationships

    Business Is Relationships

    Learn how to cement close personal relationships with your customers.
  • Attitude Is Key

    Attitude Is Key

    Do you spend with disinterested, lazy salespeople? Neither do your clients.
  • Feedback


    Feedback is worth its weight in gold and here's how you can get it easily.
  • Trawl The Net

    Trawl The Net

    Mitigate potential damage to your brand by monitoring online chatter.
  • Get Personal

    Get Personal

    Use your customer's name, endear your brand and bank the difference.
  • Enthusing Staff

    Enthusing Staff

    Use these clever tips to fire up your team's morale and watch sales soar.
  • The Retail Experience

    The Retail Experience

    Make yourself more competitive by providing a unique shopping experience.
  • Making It Easy

    Making It Easy

    The easier you can make your sales process, the more sales you'll get
  • Encouraging Eavesdropping

    Encouraging Eavesdropping

    Never miss another sales opportunity by encouraging eavesdropping.
  • The Name Is The Game

    The Name Is The Game

    Increase your customer loyalty by using your customer’s name – simple!
  • No More Waiting

    No More Waiting

    Increase your business's profits by eliminating waiting for every customer.
  • People Do Business With Likeable People

    People Do Business With Likeable People

    Get more business for free simply by using good manners & having humility.
  • The Welcome Experience

    The Welcome Experience

    Use these tips for lasting and memorable welcome experience, every time.
  • A Theatrical Experience

    A Theatrical Experience

    Create an emotional connection with your customers by using theatrics.
  • Turning Customers Into Consultants

    Turning Customers Into Consultants

    If you're genuine about growing your business, ask those who use it most.
  • Great Staff

    Great Staff

    Retain superstar employees by creating the right environment at your office.
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