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Introduction to Difficult Customers

Calming a Customer

Let Angry Customers Vent

Use the Customer's Name

Apologising to Customers

Switch The Setting

Focus on the Solution

Handling Abusive Language

What Does the Customer Want?

Be on the Customer's Team

Confirm Your Solution in Writing

Social Media

Responding to Email Complaints

Thank a Complaining Customer

Take Time Out


Why Learn Dealing With Difficult Customers?

Every now and then you’ll have a customer with a bee in their bonnet, and how you interact with them can have huge impact on your customer and yourself. In Dealing with Difficult Customers, we teach you specialised techniques such as how to let a customer vent and how to refocus on the solution, plus handling abusive language and much more.

Each of our 16 video lessons covers a different aspect of Dealing With Difficult Customers. See below for the full topic list.

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Introduction to Difficult Customers (00:20)

Every now and then you’ll have a customer with a bee in their bonnet, and how your team interacts with them can have huge impact on your customer and your team. In Dealing With Difficult Customers, we look at specialised techniques such letting a customer vent and refocusing on the solution, plus handling abusive language, so your team is always prepared.


Calming a Customer (01:52)

The reason most customers complain is that they want you to rectify a situation and if you do it willingly and quickly, you can turn an adversary into a devotee.


Let Angry Customers Vent (01:20)

Anger is a limited resource, so when the valve is released it's usually better to just let an angry customer 'let off some steam'. This venting could be vital to resolving the situation.


Use the Customer's Name (00:59)

Ever tried getting someone's attention in a crowded shopping centre? People are highly attuned to hearing their own name, and you can use this to your advantage.


Apologising to Customers (01:15)

Many people say 'sorry' far too often - especially when they don't really mean it. A sincere apology is far more powerful, and here's how to give one.


Switch The Setting (00:59)

They say change is as good as a holiday, so switching the setting may help you resolve and calm the situation in a more efficient way.


Focus on the Solution (00:58)

There's a problem with focusing on the problem; if you want resolution, focus on the solution.


Handling Abusive Language (00:58)

What can you do when a customer threatens you or your company, or spouts obscenities in your direction?


What Does the Customer Want? (01:04)

If you don't know what someone wants, how can you possibly give it to them?


Be on the Customer's Team (01:18)

You want an unhappy customer to see you as an ally, rather than an enemy. But how would you show this customer you were on their side?


Confirm Your Solution in Writing (00:59)

Once you've agreed with the customer on a solution, make sure you immediately detail that solution in writing. A confirmation email to the customer is not only polite, but may come in handy to refer to at a later date if the customer has a different recollection of events. It also serves to ensure the customer has the same understanding of your conversation as you do.


Social Media (01:07)

Learn what you can do when a customer airs their grievances in a public forum, like Facebook or a review site.


Responding to Email Complaints (01:06)

When a disgruntled customer emails you with their gripe, consider calling them rather than replying via email. A call is personal and will make the customer feel important. It will also dramatically decrease the risk of a misunderstanding, especially when it comes to the tone of your reply.


Thank a Complaining Customer (00:56)

What? They've just made your job harder, right? Here's why you should say thank you when a complaint is brought to your attention.


Take Time Out (01:03)

Great job! You've handled a difficult situation with care and precision. Now take a deep breath (and this advice).


Congratulations (00:22)

Congratulations, you've made it through to the end. All that remains is to answer the questions, hit send and put these strategies into play. Thanks for watching.

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