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Instant Customer Service Training for Your Team

We deliver engaging, bite-sized video lessons directly to your employees’ inboxes. They simply click the link and start watching.

No day courses away from the office, no costly trainers, no wasted time. Just short, practical training that can be repeated anywhere, anytime. Check out some of our video lessons now.

Easy-to-Manage Training

Engage your team with customer service training that’s easy to implement and simple to use.

  • Schedule video lessons days, weeks or months in advance
  • Monitor online quiz results and export reports
  • Reinforce learning with eBooks and other online resources


What Canity users
are saying…


“The enthusiasm from our staff and management towards the training has been awesome with lots of laughs and nods. Thank you and congrats!”

Peter Harris

General Manager

All Four x 4 Spares

Testimonial Character

Loved it…

“We loved the training. All of our team have now completed the training and we will make it a 6 monthly refresher for everyone.”

Stacey Harris

General Manager


Testimonial Character

So much fun…

“My team and I could not be happier… the Australian accent is quite engaging and “spices up” our training process even more.”

Kate Cox

The Ohio

Valley Bank

Testimonial Character

Fun Training, Engaged Learners, Improved Skills, Happier Customers

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