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Master Marketing


The best of the best know that customers should always feel like a VIP.

Topics include:
  • Guerrilla campaigns and ambush marketing
  • Online and social media marketing
  • Targeted advertising
  • Branding
Video Lessons
70 min
Approx. Training Time

Skills covered in this module

  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing plan
  • Direct marketing
  • Business marketing
  • Make Me The Star

    Make Me The Star

    The best of the best know that customers should always feel like a VIP.
  • Promotional Prowess

    Promotional Prowess

    Necessity is not the mother of reinvention. Increasing your profits is.
  • Crowdsourcing


    Create buzz with inventive ways to turn the hive mind into a honeypot.
  • Guerrilla Campaigns

    Guerrilla Campaigns

    Get cheeky, pay peanuts and keep your brand in the front of their minds.
  • Personalised Marketing

    Personalised Marketing

    Customised marketing is the name of the game, see how it works here.
  • Arrest Your Prospect

    Arrest Your Prospect

    How to guide: offer unique shopping experiences for your customers.
  • The Creative Wand

    The Creative Wand

    You did what?! Extreme ways to grab attention and hold on to it for good.
  • Lost Sales

    Lost Sales

    Four of the most common reasons for lost sales and how to stop them.
  • Dare To Be Different

    Dare To Be Different

    GeT NoTiCeD bY doing something a little different.
  • Marketing Makes A Difference

    Marketing Makes A Difference

    3 Tips to ensure you always come out on top. One easy to watch video.
  • Facebook Opportunities

    Facebook Opportunities

    Hit your target market with Facebook. Update your status for success.
  • Targeted Advertising

    Targeted Advertising

    Watch now: reduce your advertising spend with targeted advertising.
  • PR Advice

    PR Advice

    Learn how to limit the damage from a PR blunder of Nixon proportions.
  • No Risk Big Reward

    No Risk Big Reward

    Get exposure without being arrested for nudity: a marketers dream.
  • Ambush Marketing

    Ambush Marketing

    Pro-tips for attention-grabbing ambush marketing, with a few surprises.
  • Getting People To Like You

    Getting People To Like You

    Creative, sexy techniques to use Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed and more.
  • Own The Customer

    Own The Customer

    How to get love from with the customers who only like you 'as a friend'.
  • Packaging For Impact

    Packaging For Impact

    The tricks of Apple: using look and feel to excite and sell in a few easy steps.
  • Free Publicity

    Free Publicity

    Discover hidden opportunities to market smarter, cheaper, faster, better.
  • Spell It Right

    Spell It Right

    Discover the how, what and why of perfectly presented written material.
  • Make Things Happen

    Make Things Happen

    Collecting information to make targeted ads and encourage up-spend.
  • Exclusivity


    It's how you make what you have into what people want. Watch and learn.
  • Influence The Influencers

    Influence The Influencers

    We tell all about capitalising on reviews, recommendations and word of mouth.
  • Creating A Buzz

    Creating A Buzz

    Ways to build excitement that doesn't cost millions, instead it makes millions.
  • Marketing in a Downturn

    Marketing in a Downturn

    Don't slash your marketing budget before you watch this. You’ll see why.
  • Branding


    Life lessons in brand perception from brand-man Kym Illman. Must watch.
  • Embrace Video

    Embrace Video

    Create content that people want to share. We show you how in this video.
  • Copywriting for Results

    Copywriting for Results

    What’s wrong with this? The six most common copy mistakes businesses make.
  • Perfect Marketing

    Perfect Marketing

    Market for a sale at the exact time a prospect needs it. Watch right now.
  • Airport Ambushes

    Airport Ambushes

    Sky high exposure for minimal effort. Lessons with the King of Ambush Ads
  • Sponsorship


    Get goodwill & greater sales with sponsorship. Brought to you by Kym Illman.

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