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Note Taking

The Welcome

Take a Look Around

Spell It Out

A Juggling Act

Let The Customer Guide You

Body Language

Directing Phone Calls

While A Customer Waits

Treat Everyone The Same

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Why Learn Reception Skills?

How are your visitors greeted when they walk through into your front office? With a warm smile and a helpful attitude? Or maybe nothing at all? This Receptionist training module will walk you through everything from welcoming visitors to creating a positive and professional reception area, dealing with customer enquiries and more.

Each of our 15 video lessons covers a different aspect of Reception Skills. See below for the full topic list.

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Introduction (00:27)

How are your visitors greeted when they walk through your doors? With a warm smile and a helpful attitude? Or maybe nothing at all? Reception Skills is here to walk you through everything you need to do to impress any and all visitors!


Listening & Interpersonal Skills (01:22)

Great receptionists require a lot more in their arsenal than just technical skills. Listening, interpersonal, and soft skills create a cocktail of cracking reception goodness.


Note Taking (01:03)

Noteworthy receptionists always take notes. Unless you can cram every detail of every message in your noggin, you'll find note-taking will make a notable improvement to your workplace competency.


The Welcome (01:25)

It's easy to have your visitors at hello… but it all hinges on the welcome! Knowing how to properly welcome a visitor will ensure they don't turn on their heels and wave goodbye.


Take a Look Around (01:00)

When considering your reception area, use all of your senses – your visitor sure will! Making sure your reception area is welcoming sounds like common sense, but it can be less common than you think.


Spell It Out (01:35)

S-P-E-L-L it out! Waiting visitors always prefer knowing what's coming next. It's not a secret you want to impress them, so don't keep the process secret from them.


A Juggling Act (02:03)

Sometimes visitors come neatly one after the other at helpful intervals... but most of the time they won't. Running a reception can often feel like quite a juggling act!


Let The Customer Guide You (01:16)

Some customers like to be dealt with pedal to the metal. Others like to take their time. You'll never know unless you let them show you the way!


Body Language (01:46)

From your head down to your toes, your body language says a lot more than you think. Everybody can tell if somebody has negative body language and positive body language skills can be perfected by anybody!


Directing Phone Calls (01:39)

Receptionists have to deal with phone calls a lot. The very best of receptionists balance being both a phone call usher and bouncer at the same time.


While A Customer Waits (01:29)

Sometimes customers having to wait is unavoidable. But having bored customers staring at the ceiling or banging their heads against the wall... now that's avoidable!


Treat Everyone The Same (01:51)

All manner of visitors cross a receptionist's desk, which makes perfecting the manner with which they're greeted all the more important. Remember: treat everyone the same... spectacularly!


Be The Expert (01:34)

A receptionist's job is to ensure the overall smooth running of the organisation and the best way to do that is by making sure you're an expert on as much as possible.


Goodbye (01:46)

So long, farewell, au revoir… saying goodbye is the last opportunity you'll have to make an immediate impression on your visitor. So don't kiss this golden opportunity goodbye, make the most of it!


Congratulations (00:29)

Congratulations, you're now a reception skills pro! Test your knowledge by taking the quiz below.

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"The enthusiasm from our staff and management towards the training has been awesome with lots of laughs and nods. Thank you and congrats!"

Peter Harris

General Manager

All Four x 4 Spares

Customer Service Training Videos - Testimonial Character

Loved it...

"We loved the training. All of our team have now completed the training and we will make it a 6 monthly refresher for everyone."

Stacey Harris

General Manager


Customer Service Training Videos - Testimonial Character

So much fun...

"My team and I could not be happier... the Australian accent is quite engaging and "spices up" our training process even more."

Kate Cox

The Ohio

Valley Bank

Customer Service Training Videos - Testimonial Character