Are your sales missing the mark? Getting screened by receptionists? Are more and more prospects turning away or rebuffing your follow up? Then it’s time to brush up on Sales Skills! In this module we take you through the fundamental sales skills you need to turn your prospects into loyal customers.

Topics include:
  • Cold calling sales prospects
  • Engaging and persuasive language
  • Converting the sale
  • Countering customer objections
Video Lessons
45 min
Approx. Training Time

Skills covered in this module

  • Salesperson skills
  • Customer service
  • Increase sales
  • Sales strategy
Video Lessons
  • Introduction to Sales Skills

    Introduction to Sales Skills

    Are your sales missing the mark? Getting screened by receptionists? Are more and more prospects turning away or rebuffing your follow up? Then it’s time to brush up on Sales Skills! In this module we take you through the fundamental sales skills you need to turn your prospects into loyal customers.
  • ABC - Always Be Closing

    ABC - Always Be Closing

    What's one big mistake the majority of new salespeople make? They never actually ask their customer for the business. Here's how to 'Always Be Closing' without making your potential client feel uneasy.
  • Always Get A Concession

    Always Get A Concession

    In a world where online price comparison charts are a mouse-click away, being asked to give a discount is far from rare. How can you give a customer what they want, without being considered a soft touch and straining your company's bottom line?
  • Ask For The Business

    Ask For The Business

    If you don't ask, you don't receive. It's easy when you change your mindset and believe that asking for your prospect's business is actually doing them a favour.
  • Assumptive Closing Ideas

    Assumptive Closing Ideas

    Learn how to close a sale without your customer closing off. Subtlety is key, as is knowing when they are ready to commit. These tips will help you get it right.
  • Double Close

    Double Close

    This video lesson explains how to use the "double close" to reopen the discussion on a stalled decision. After all, two heads are better than one.
  • Four Yeses

    Four Yeses

    You're learning to become a better salesperson, correct? But you're short on time? And you'd like extra tools to fine-tune your performance? You have two minutes now, right? Well, watch this video.
  • It Costs Too Much

    It Costs Too Much

    Price is a common sticking point, but it's really only a perception problem. Having these strategies in your back pocket will help overcome price as an objection.
  • Stay Involved

    Stay Involved

    It's very easy to fold and offer to call back when a client or prospect throws up an objection. But in this episode, you'll learn how to stay involved and keep the sale going.
  • You Always Have Time To Call Back

    You Always Have Time To Call Back

    You've probably heard the hit song, Call Me Maybe. Catchy as it is, in sales it's non-optional. One part of becoming a sales superstar is being a person of your word.
  • Give Them The Price

    Give Them The Price

    It's possible to turn just about any inbound call into a sales call, no matter how arbitrary it may seem. Learn what to listen out for and about the kind of responses that will start your customer talking beyond their initial query.
  • Bin Should

    Bin Should

    It's an innocuous word which will quickly erode your customers' confidence. Don't believe it? Watch this video and you'll see why.
  • Choose Your Words Wisely

    Choose Your Words Wisely

    You had me at hello... It might work in the movies, but in the real world generic greetings make for boring conversations.
  • Feel Felt Found

    Feel Felt Found

    How can storytelling and emotion help you to address a prospect's objections? Just use the feel, felt, found approach to allay their fears.
  • How Are You

    How Are You

    The English language is so chock-full of adjectives, that if you answer "How are you?" with "Good. And you?", we guarantee Shakespeare is going to turn in his grave!
  • Just Following Up

    Just Following Up

    Lazy openings beget lost sales. Lazy follow ups are the nail in the coffin. Discover what you can do to overcome floundering on your follow up while demonstrating real value for your client.
  • Keep Them Talking

    Keep Them Talking

    So your customer isn't able to make a final decision? It's not the end of the world! Why not try Tom Hopkins' famous approach, described in this short video.
  • On The Same Wavelength

    On The Same Wavelength

    Don't let jargon alienate your hottest prospect. Speaking the same language is just the first step in communicating effectively.
  • Sign Off Right

    Sign Off Right

    Awkward farewells? No one likes them. Don't spoil the celebrations about your sale by leaving your new client with a clumsy closer. Sign off in style using this simple guide.
  • Use That Tone With Me!

    Use That Tone With Me!

    We expose one of the best promotional tools there is. Something that costs nothing, while being priceless at the same time.
  • Use Your Prospect's Name

    Use Your Prospect's Name

    It's a sign of respect to clients you've serviced for years, a powerful way to win over new prospects and a gesture that separates you from the pack. What is it? Watch to find out.
  • Be The Expert

    Be The Expert

    A slow day on the sales floor is an opportunity to master your art by researching your stock or services. Great sales people know their products inside-out and are always willing to learn more. Moreover, how you use that information is vital.
  • Connect First

    Connect First

    Establish a connection with the person on the other end of the line. Literally - when answering the phone always wait to connect first before speaking!
  • Follow Through

    Follow Through

    If you're a brand ambassador for Nike, you can "just do it". But if you want to be an ace salesperson we recommend you "just do it earlier than expected". It's a sure-fire way to impress your customer.
  • Grab Their Attention!

    Grab Their Attention!

    Discover what it takes to grab the attention of a prospect and keep it. Deciding what you'll say before you pick up the receiver is sure to return dividends by saving time and nurturing leads.
  • Involve The Other Party

    Involve The Other Party

    As a career salesperson, you'll spend a lifetime honing your gift of the gab and learning to actively listen. When selling over the phone, make the most of what clues you have available by using response cues.
  • Preparation Is Key

    Preparation Is Key

    What does it take to be fully prepared for an introductory call or a follow up? These tips will help you tick the boxes and ensure you're not wasting a prospect's time, or your own.
  • Pushing On

    Pushing On

    Your sales pitch was perfect, but they need to discuss it with another decision maker. Press on using this proven technique.
  • Qualify Qualify Qualify

    Qualify Qualify Qualify

    Every salesperson needs to realise this: not every lead needs them. Quickly establish who's a winning prospect or a waffling time waster with this strategy.
  • Skip Reception

    Skip Reception

    Stop waiting for the call back that never comes: boost your connection rate with this clever strategy that lets you bypass the gatekeeper with ease.
  • Sourcing Mobiles

    Sourcing Mobiles

    If you keep missing your target at the office, consider aiming for their mobile number instead. Don't have it? A little bit of ingenuity goes a long way: watch to see how it's done.
  • Sales Is A Numbers Game

    Sales Is A Numbers Game

    What can you count on in sales? If you're working to KPIs for your bonus, your only guarantee is that you'll come up against a number of objections. Here's how to turn that to your favour.
  • Congratulations


    Congratulations, you've made it through to the end. All that remains is to answer the questions, hit send and put these strategies into play. Thanks for watching.
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