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Learn practical time management techniques to help achieve your goals in the workplace


Benefits of Good Time Management

To-Do Lists


Stop Multi-Tasking

Focus and Eliminate Distractions

Managing Email Effectively

Breaking Down Projects

Recognising & Overcoming Procrastination


Learn Time Management Techniques for the Workplace

Time Management - everyone talks about it, not everyone is good at it. These time management training videos will teach you the benefits of time management and practical, easy to implement time management techniques that will help you achieve your goals in the workplace.

Each of our 10 video lessons covers a different aspect of Time Management at Work. See below for the full topic list.

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Introduction (01:46)

Time management - everyone talks about it, not everyone is good at it. How important is it? Get started by finding out why Time Management is vital for achieving your goals in business.


Benefits of Good Time Management (01:55)

Discover how you can produce high quality work, meet deadlines, and reduce stress through good time management. You’ll also learn how to incorporate these time management skills into your everyday life!


To-Do Lists (03:36)

Find out how to create Daily To-Do Lists to help you get the best start on developing good time management skills.


Prioritisation (03:41)

Prioritisation is a key skill for good time management. It means determining which tasks need to be completed first.


Stop Multi-Tasking (02:57)

It’s vital you understand that constantly multi-tasking is not a productive way to work efficiently or effectively. Learn how to stop multi-tasking so you can focus on one task at a time.


Focus and Eliminate Distractions (04:00)

To effectively manage your time, you must learn how to focus your attention. In our increasingly connected world, eliminating distractions is harder than ever, but it is possible.


Managing Email Effectively (03:56)

Email is a great communication tool. People often prefer to communicate over email as it’s less intrusive than a phone call and allows time for people to put together a thoughtful response.


Breaking Down Projects (03:12)

Sometimes a project is so big you just can’t get started on it. Discover the best ways to break down projects so you can achieve them on time and produce high quality work.


Recognising & Overcoming Procrastination (03:08)

Procrastination is actively doing something other than the thing you should be doing. It’s most common when faced with a difficult or unpleasant task, and instead of facing that task and getting on with it, you choose to do an easier, more pleasant task.


Congratulations (01:00)

Now you’ve completed this training module, you will have an understanding that good time management means using the hours in your workday to your full advantage. Practicing good time management techniques will help you produce high quality work, meet deadlines, and help to improve the profitability and efficiency of your organisation.

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