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12 months’ access to the entire training library, licensed for 5 users.


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12 months’ access to the entire training library, licensed for 50 users.

View our terms of service. Any questions? Check our FAQ or contact us here.

Canity is a 12-month recurring subscription. You can cancel your subscription at any time and still gain access for your full 12 months. You will be reminded of annual subscription payments via email one month prior to your renewal date.


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with your Canity subscription

Empower your staff to deliver unrivalled customer service over the phone with this three-part series jam-packed with invaluable hints, tips and tactics.
Every time the ‘send’ button is hit on an email, that’s an opportunity to secure or strengthen a relationship.
Get staff genuinely excited to hit the floor and watch referrals & repeat business soar.
Teach your sales team to smash sales targets and wow customers with our selling tips and proven strategies.
More and more customers are relying on technology for high quality service. Online chat offers an effective and efficient medium for assisting customers.
In this module, we delve into presentation skills and offer handy tips to help you prepare and execute the perfect presentation!
Your reception is the 'welcome mat' of your organisation, but what impression do visitors get when they arrive on your doorstep?
While the majority of people you encounter will be nothing but positive to deal with, it's important we know how to deal with difficult customers.
Never become content with your content customers. Happy customers offer fantastic opportunities to your business.
This module details the strategies and tactics necessary for turning a disappointed customer into a beaming, satisfied one.
This module goes through all the steps in recognising, reassuring and satisfying your anxious customers.
Being confronted with a rude customer may make you want to blow a raspberry at them, but that’s bound to simply blow up the situation even more!
By recognising the personality type of the customer and customising the way you deal with them, you’ll provide the best service possible.
In this module, we take a look at the essential tactics and strategies for providing superb customer service in restaurants.
In this module, we’ll shine a light on the right questions and tactics to find the right person to deal with your customers.
Dive into our strategies for perfecting the art of small talk and begin connecting with your customers like never before!
Learn what inappropriate workplace behaviour is, why it's unacceptable, and discover techniques for dealing with it and countering it with good behaviour.
In this module, we’ll step you through how to provide great customer service to your fellow co-workers, suppliers and anyone else you work with to get things done.
Is your sales team missing the mark somewhere? Master Sales shows you how to sharpen those sales skills and watch as prospects become faithful clients.
It’s not enough to have a logo and a catchy tagline – if you want to become a well-known, reliable brand you need the master’s touch.
We don’t mean to alarm you, but you may be missing out on vital marketing opportunities without even realising it.

A Canity subscription provides access to the complete training library.

Got a question? Check our FAQs.

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“My boss started sending me the modules… very effective, not to mention some of the laughs you get from the animations!”

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“I started using Canity to train my customer service team. I am already getting immediate quiz results and positive feedback from my team. They love the short, animated videos and the bite-sized learning format.”

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“Really good videos: to the point and in a way it’s easy to remember.”

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Frequently Asked Questions
Your Canity subscription provides access to all of the 300+ training videos. You are licensed for up to the number of users specified when you purchased your subscription.

One payment covers unlimited access for the number of employees specified. This license is provided for the employees of one organisation only. If employees of a different organisation wish to view the training videos then a separate subscription must be purchased for them. Pricing and options for the number of users to be licensed can be found here.

You can pay using either Visa, Mastercard or Amex for immediate access to Canity. You will be provided with a tax invoice after payment is processed. Alternatively, you can choose our Raise a Purchase Order option; we will email you a tax invoice and you can pay via electronic bank transfer. Your Canity account will be activated within 48 hours of payment receipt if you select this option. Please note that Canity is based in Australia and it often takes several days for international payments to clear. If you wish to have immediate access to Canity, please select our credit card payment option.
Canity is an Australian product and all Canity subscriptions are billed in Australian dollars. On some occasions credit card providers block international transactions. This may be happening to you. If you contact your credit card provider and authorise the transaction your next attempt should be processed successfully.

Please note that Canity is owned by Messages On Hold Australia Pty Ltd and this may appear as the billing entity on your credit card transaction.

All of Canity’s modules are designed to work in harmony so providing access to the entire training library ensures you receive the best value and have access to new modules as they’re released.
Canity’s subscription options are based on the number of team members (users) that you wish to train. For example, a 5-user license allows you to train up to five team members, a 25-user licence allows you to train up to 25 team members, and a 50-user licence allows you to train up to 50 team members at a time – each with their own personalised User Dashboard. If you need to train 50+ users, please visit our online pricing calculator.

All of our subscriptions provide access to the 350+ videos in our training library, interactive quizzes and various downloadable resources. The licence is provided for the employees of one organisation only. If employees of a different organisation wish to view the training videos, a separate subscription must be purchased for them.

Fantastic! Canity can be used by companies of any size. You can calculate the pricing to suit your specific requirements by clicking here or contact us and tell us how many employees will be accessing Canity.
Canity covers all the vital customer touch points in your business. Whether that’s over the phone, in person or via email. See the full description of our training modules here. We’re also adding new content all the time.
Absolutely! All of Canity’s videos have both English and Chinese subtitles. To turn on subtitles, simply click the Closed Captions – CC – button in the bottom-right corner of the video player. From there, all you have to do is choose your preferred language and you’re good to go.
Of course! We offer a free, 30-day trial so you can explore and enjoy Canity’s online customer service training before you choose to subscribe. If you’d like to sign up for your free account, click here.
After you select the training videos you would like your team to watch, we will send an email letting them know it’s time to train. This email will direct your team to login to their individual Staff Dashboard, where training will be waiting for them in the Scheduled Training section.
Accessed through the Staff Dashboard, our video-based training is completely online, allowing your team to train at any time with an internet-connected device. The Staff Dashboard also offers access to interactive quizzes, worksheets and downloadable content.
Once you’ve completed the super easy payment process, you’ll receive an email with your login details for Canity. Simply log in via the link included in the email or by clicking the MyCanity link in the top right hand corner of the screen. Then upload your staff list and begin training!
To reset your password click here.
Don’t worry – these things happen. Just click MyCanity, then select ‘Lost your password’. If you don’t remember which email you signed up with, get in touch here.
The training is all online and video based – so your team can train any time they like, on any device with an internet connection. Once you purchase your subscription, you’ll be emailed your login details.

You can access Canity via the link in the email or by clicking on MyCanity in the top right hand corner of the screen and begin training immediately. In fact, if you sign up right now – your staff could be training in minutes!

Once your staff complete the interactive online quiz, you will be sent an email with their scores. Their results are also charted in your dashboard, along with a leader board of who has the most correct answers.
Include Canity in your induction training for new staff members. Set up calendar reminders for current staff to re-visit Canity’s training modules at their convenience to refresh and build upon what they’ve learnt.
Absolutely! If there’s a topic or situation you’d like to see covered in any of our training modules, we want to hear about it. At the top of every training module page inside the MyCanity dashboard you’ll find a link where you can submit your feedback and future topic ideas. The more ideas we share, the better Canity gets!
There are plenty of reasons every business should be investing in online training for their team. If your team haven’t been trained in how to deal with potential & current customers over the phone, it’s likely they aren’t painting your business in the best possible light.
Canity is suitable for any business that’s focused on delighting customers. All staff in all industries can benefit from the skills included in the training.
Yes. No matter if you’re in B2B or B2C, all businesses have one thing in common: customers. Canity provides all customer-facing team members with the necessary skills to impress customers in all situations.
Your team can access their scheduled training via the Staff Dashboard. You can add staff details individually or by using our bulk email import feature. Once added, select which training videos to send to either individual staff or an entire team and then choose to send the training immediately or set up a training schedule in advance.
Log in to MyCanity and click the Quiz Results link on the side navigation menu. This displays which staff have completed each quiz and their results. Reports can be exported in .csv format.
Once you subscribe to Canity, Certificates of Achievement are available for the training administrator to download from within the MyCanity Dashboard resources page. The certificates will first need to be customized with the staff member’s name, your company name and the date. You can then either save the document and send it to the user, or print it and provide it to them.
We’re always working on new modules, video lessons and downloadable content that’ll help you and your team delight more customers. Training isn’t a one off exercise! If you have a training topic you’d like to see covered please let us know by emailing our team.
Yes, a complete list of video segments is located on each training module page. Go to the training library page and click on any training module!
If your LMS supports embedding and you choose a subscription with the LMS Integration feature, then you can use our embed functionality to integrate Canity training videos into your system.
Yes, once payment is processed, you will be emailed a tax invoice. You will also be able to access a copy of this invoice by logging into your MyCanity account and navigating to the Plan and Invoice Details section.
Yes. Our users love our animated video lessons. In fact, because Canity’s video lessons are short, practical and engaging, we have a 90 to 95% completion rate for our users – industry averages vary from 30 to 40% completion.
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