Key Elements of Effective Internal Customer Service Training

Published by Canity

How do you deliver internal customer service? Let’s go through some internal customer service examples.

If you work for the same organisation, you’re on the same team, so remember to act like it. Smile at your team members, use their names when having a conversation with them, thank them and be courteous. Genuinely let them know that their efforts have helped you do your job better.

When you notice a team member making an effort or performing well, praise them for their good work. If you see a team member struggling, perhaps serving a difficult customer, step in and assist where possible.

Another way you can deliver good internal customer service is to ensure you pass on as much information as possible when transferring customer calls to your co-workers. Not doing so risks upsetting customers by making them repeat themselves and makes your co-workers’ jobs more difficult than it needs to be.

Passing information to co-workers is not limited to verbal communication. It often takes the form of making clear and detailed notes in your database. Writing brief notes that make sense to you and no-one else is of little help. For example, entering the note “Customer not happy, same problem again” on the customer file is of little help to the next team member that tries to assist them.

You have to assume that you may not be available to explain your notes in person, so put in as much detail as possible. For example, a better note may be “Customer experiencing problems with modem dropping out. This has happened before, so I talked them through resetting the modem and problem resolved. They aren’t happy it keeps occurring. Offered to send new modem, but they don’t want to have to swap it over.”

This type of information allows the next team member to assist the customer with a greater level of professionalism and the customer will feel like your organization knows what is happening with their situation i.e. that you care. Helping to make your team member look good makes everyone look good and is great internal customer service.

Whatever form it takes, be it verbal or over email, consider how you can make your co-worker’s job easier for them and remember, be nice, you’re on the same team!

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