I have just enjoyed five marvellous nights staying at Budapest’s Hotel Moments. It’s a boutique hotel in the heart of town and it is pure joy. The attention to detail is evident everywhere you look and it impressed me to no end. Of course, like everything, there were a few things that could have been improved on and when I was asked during check-out how my stay was, I pointed out the three things that weren’t quite right.

The person checking me out thanked me for the feedback and I departed the property and headed to the airport.

Seven hours later I landed in Dubai and it was there that I found an email (see below) from the hotel’s Regional Guest Satisfaction Manager.

Hotel Moments Budapest

First up, let me say that when I left the hotel I thought to myself: “those three things will never be passed on to management”. Wasn’t I wrong! Not only had the staff member passed on the information to someone who cared, but that person had responded in writing and thanked me for the frank feedback. And they did so the same day!

This is unheard of! Does this hotel know what they’ve now done? They’ve raised the service bar big time and any hotel that can’t match that speed of response will now be looked down on by me.

In business your customers will often spot your deficiencies sooner than you will, so when they raise issues with you, listen up and then thank them for alerting you, and  do it quickly – like the Hotel Moments Regional Guest Satisfaction Manager did with me. Oh yeah, and then fix the problems!

The email I received from the Regional Guest Satisfaction Manager of the Hotel Moments:

Dear Kym Illman,

Let me thank you for staying with us at our Hotel Moments while visiting the beautiful city of Budapest. I hope that you have arrived home safe and sound filled with nice memories.

However, I regret to hear from my colleagues that you were not fully satisfied with the facilities and services of our boutique hotel. Please rest assured that I have already shared your comments with our top management team as we always pay high attention to the precious notes left by our valued guests. As our greatest goal is to fulfill or even exceed our guests’ expectations – I am sincerely sorry that we have not succeed [sic] in your case.

If you may have any further suggestions on how we could do better in the future, please be so kind to let us know as we truly believe that from our valued guests’ feedback we can benefit the most.

I would like to thank you once again for staying with us. We sincerely hope that despite of your mixed experience, we will have another opportunity to welcome you to our Hotel Moments Budapest in the not so distant future.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly in case I can do anything for you.

Sincerely yours,