Health and Safety in the Workplace: How it is Changing

Published by Canity

Workplace Health and Safety has been growing in importance over the last few decades, but with the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s gaining far more prominence than it ever has.

At no time in our recent history has there been so much focus on keeping both customers and employees safe from harm.

For many businesses it can be overwhelming

With so many new and changing rules, so much emphasis on compliance, and so much training that needs to be done with employees. It’s understandable, but the reality is that health and safety’s not negotiable – every organisation now must have a strong, clear, and ongoing focus on workplace health and safety.

From initial induction training of new employees, through to refresher training and training on new procedures, health and safety must be at the forefront.

An organisation that creates a strong culture around workplace health and safety will have a happier, more engaged workforce. Not to mention they’ll reduce their risk of adverse health and safety events that could lead to harm to employees or to customers, and could lead to reduced revenue to the organisation through adverse PR and increased costs resulting from the incident.

A strong workplace health and safety culture doesn’t happen overnight

It takes persistence and focus, and this means regular ongoing training. But in a time of lockdowns and social distancing training can be difficult.

Many organisations are turning to online training that employees can access at anytime, anywhere.

Organisations are also turning to concepts such as microlearning and spaced repetition to boost learning and retention of knowledge.

Canity is an online training platform that provides training on Workplace Health & Safety in a series of microlearning video lessons.

Each video lesson is less than 5 minutes in length and videos are grouped into related modules, each of which comes with an interactive quiz to confirm learning as well as a eBooks and other useful resources.

Not only does Canity make training a breeze for your team, it’s also fun, engaging, and easy to digest, with our animated videos showcasing vital customer service training in bite-sized pieces.

You can effortlessly schedule specific training modules for individuals or groups to be delivered to their inboxes, and use the handy reporting function to keep up with your team’s progress.

If you’re keen to promote a strong culture of Health and Safety in the Workplace check out our training modules on various topics.

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