Do you ever find yourself mindlessly staring at someone, only to have them lock eyes with you? Maybe you’re on the train or having a drink in a bar. We’ve all been there. Your reflexes kick-in, you awkwardly smile, and immediately divert your gaze. What was only a millisecond interaction now leaves your mind to wonder about whether or not that person was looking at you, and on a scale of 1-10, how big of a creep do they now think you are? Chances are you’re not a creep. I mean, you might be – I don’t know anything about you. But most likely, it was just a random, unavoidable situation that happens to everyone.

Nailing a First Impression

Uninterested Employee

Let’s imagine that same situation in a business setting. You’re finished at the bar and it’s time to go home. But first, you need to line your stomach with a greasy assortment of slow-cooked meats, cheese and garlic aioli. So you head across the road to Steve’s Kebab-A-Dabba-Do. Patiently you wait in line, as your pupils dilate, your mouth begins to salivate, and your stomach sounds like a cement mixer filled with smaller cement mixers.

It’s your turn to order, but Steve’s busy having an argument with an employee, completely ignoring your obvious intention to hand over your hard-earned money. You make that same awkward eye contact from before, but this time it’s different. Steve knows you’re looking at him. He knows you want his attention. But he doesn’t care. In this environment, you shouldn’t have to go searching for eye contact, it should come naturally. Finally, Steve turns to take your order, but he still seems disinterested. His eyes are lowered and he’s making no attempt to even look in your general direction, and he’s wearing a frown that could put a broken mirror back together. Steve’s service is seriously terrible, and he’s making an awful first impression. Suddenly, you’re uncomfortable and your appetite has completely disappeared. Steve might make the tastiest kebabs in the world, but all of that counts for absolutely nothing if he continues with service this horrible. It looks like the only taste Steve’s kebabs will be leaving in your mouth is disappointment.

Say It with a Smile


Why not try your luck down the street with Kevin at Kebabsolutely Fabulous? Kevin’s nice. He’s warm and engaging. He greets you with eye contact and a smile that almost makes you forget why you walked in the door. Suddenly, your kebab with the lot comes with a whole lot more than just egg and cheese – it now comes with a juicy side of excellent customer service. Kevin made you feel welcome, comfortable and he seemed genuinely interested in listening to you. By greeting you with eye contact and a smile, Kevin shows that he’s happy to see you, and I’m sure you’re a lot happier to see Kevin than grumpy Steve.

– Calum