Animating Learner Engagement

Published by Canity

Why use animated videos in a business learning environment? The answer is simple.

Super high learner engagement
and completion rates at a very cost-effective rate.

Training is vital in almost all industries, so when it comes to the training format, it’s important to strike a balance between brevity and creativity to ensure the user gets the most out of the training.

Video is flexible

learners can view videos on whatever medium they choose: their PC, tablet or even mobile

This means it’s no longer necessary for them to learn in a training room at a certain time or be away from work, which dramatically reduces the cost of training delivery, and increases learner engagement.

Learners are choosing the time and place of their learning which immediately makes them more receptive to the information being delivered. They’re also familiar with a flexible video format and feel comfortable learning in this manner.

Video is an easy medium to deliver complex concepts and drive behavioural change. It also supports our micro-learning approach, allowing us to segment learning into short, engaging chunks of information. You can find out more about our micro-learning approach here.

So why do we animate our videos?

Animation allows us to blend visuals, text, and narrative into one complete bundle, so we can accommodate visual, aural, and verbal learners.

Many of our modules cover topics that can be quite complex: from Covid-19 Safety and Workplace Behaviours, all the way to dealing with Different Customer Personality Types.

Animation lets us condense these topics into bite-sized, easy to digest videos that accommodate different learning styles in one bundle.

Animation is also more engaging

It provides us a medium to introduce humour as an aid in learning and to use a story form narrative which improves comprehension and retention. It also allows us to communicate emotion, which is vital when covering concepts around human interactions.

Our learner engagement rates are outstandingly high due to our animated micro-learning approach. Combined with the concept of spaced repetition, animation is an essential tool in our training platform.

We believe that training should be

engaging, innovative, and cost-effective,

which is why we use animation

Providing a blank canvas for exploring complex ideas with a few jokes here and there.

Have a browse through our customer service training modules today and see for yourself how thinking outside the box with a unique training format can empower you and your team.