What sort of business lets staff stand at the counter and eat from a plastic container, in full view of a customer? Not a very savvy one I’m suggesting.

I came across this situation at an airport foreign exchange counter recently and was gobsmacked. Now I understand staff have to eat, but to stand in full view of customers and do it is not on. This sort of behaviour says plenty to potential customers and if they had a choice between two businesses, side by side, offering the same rates, it’s fair to say that that they would gravitate to the one which didn’t have staff openly gorging themselves in front of them.

I’m pretty sure that the staff would never have been told that it’s not right to eat at the retail counter, and whilst you would hope you didn’t need to tell your staff this, failing to do so means it’s the owner’s fault it’s happening. Perhaps if the business was a one person operation in a dingy section of town, this sort of behaviour might be overlooked, but for a reputable business in an international airport, this sort of thing is not on.

I didn’t say anything to them but couldn’t resist documenting it by taking a photo. If you’re ever tempted to do this, DON’T… unless you really don’t care about your job.