All customer service providers should be switched on, even when it comes to doing the dirty laundry! I was staying for a few days at the Viceroy Hotel on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island and needed some clothes washed. I’d thrown the dirty clothes in a pile on the bed, as I couldn’t locate the laundry bag or subsequent paperwork. I rang down to reception and requested the missing bag and paperwork be delivered while I was out.

When I returned, not only had both been delivered, but whoever delivered them didn’t just put them on the desk or bed, they took a punt that the clothes on the bed were the very ones that required washing and completed the form—well as much of it as they could.

All I had to do was confirm what they’d filled in, sign it and ring down to reception.

That customer service provider could have just left the bag and pocket and I would’ve been happy. But they did the little extra and made my life a little easier, which eased somewhat the pricey cost of laundering clothes in a top hotel. And yes, I mentioned it to the hotel manager!

And to top things off, when the housemaid came to do the nightly turn-down, she spotted the laundry sheet and clothing I had set up for the photo below and asked if I would like her to take it to the laundry.  Switched on staff who obviously enjoy their jobs.  Bravo!