“I run a few businesses in Perth. One of which, www.Canity.com, deals with staff training. As such, I am both critical of poor service and excited by outstanding service.”

That’s how I opened a letter to the manager of the Wynn Encore Hotel in Las Vegas.

Recently, I visited the glitzy city and ahead of my visit I needed some help from the concierge. I rang, but, as it was the middle of the night, the clerk suggested I email them and expect a response as soon as they arrived the next day. Now, I expect premium customer service from EVERY business I encounter, but I’m often disappointed. So when the concierge failed to respond to me as promised, I was cranky that they’d dropped the ‘customer service ball’.

But before all was lost, a wonderful employee came to the rescue. Shanee knew exactly how to deal with a disappointed customer, which is what I was at the time. When I hung up 12 minutes later, she had reassured me that choosing to stay at the Encore Tower Suites was the right decision.
How did Shanee rescue me from the pits of disappointment and restore me as a happy customer? For one, she quickly undertook the task to get me the information the concierge had failed to provide. But then, she identified an anomaly with my reservation and calmly and professionally solved a problem I would not have identified (had she not been on the ball), until I was standing at the reception desk.

Without being asked, she had gone through my reservation while we were talking and noticed I’d had the wrong dates in one booking and the wrong tower in the other one. Thanks to Shanee’s exceptional customer service, I was no longer fated to roll up to the check-in desk after a 30-hour commute only to realise my bookings were not quite as I had expected them to be.

Shanee saved the day for the Wynn Encore.

In fact, so impressed was I that I emailed the Encore Suites Manager, Molly, who was not surprised to find that Shanee had, being the “wonderful team member” she was, inspired another guest to shout her praises.

Fill your work force with Shanees. Your customers, clients and guests will thank you dearly for it.