So we all know the frustration and anger at finding yourself standing in an airport with your flight cancelled.

It happens, but to budget carriers it happens a little more often than not and their customer base isn’t happy. In fact, one airline’s reputation has been so tarnished recently that not only are they getting hammered on social media but some have set up a fake account and answering customers’ queries on their behalf. Some of the responses are pretty funny too.



Funny to us perhaps but probably not so much for the poor customer. Budget airlines are a great example of customer service delivery not meeting customer expectations. Budget airlines are cheap: this means flights often get cancelled, bookings get changed, you have to pay insane fees just to do things like choose your seat or even to get your boarding pass printed. It means when you book ultra-budget you take a risk, except most people that book budget flights don’t realise this. Hence the anger being vented on budget airlines’ social media feeds.

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