Training – you need to do it. But you already know that. You know that you need to keep up to date, but training is going to be boring, right? If you asked me five years ago, I would have agreed with you. The fact is, training yourself and your staff has become a lot more attractive.

Our whole approach to business training has been wrong for quite a while now. Business training has focused on professional education hours – everyone has to do a certain number a year to retain their accreditation. The result of this was the full day – or weekend – training course. A lot of information delivered with little enthusiasm, in the same way to a room full of people who are thinking about how full their inbox must be.

Fast forward to present day: the internet has helped evolve this somewhat dated formula into a one to two hour online course that can be scheduled in at a time of your suiting.

That was the whole problem with training and up-skilling; when do you have two hours to schedule in a training course? Especially one that’s really dry and boring and you probably won’t pay much attention to because it’s just not engaging.

We believe there is an alternative. We believe that training courses can be engaging and effective, and don’t need to take much time out of your day. With Canity, we developed bite-sized training videos for you and your staff to not only teach business basics quickly and effectively, but to generate ideas and discussions that will result in significant changes to your business.

You see, we believe that a few minutes of stimulating video can produce hours of stimulating thought, conversation and ideas. Those ideas are gold, and anyone worth their salt in business knows that one good question can stimulate a wealth of discussion & ideas, and reveal issues or strategic directions that were being completely overlooked.

After all, it doesn’t matter if you’re running or walking – the only thing that matters is if you’re moving forward.

Kirrily Davies