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Published by Canity

Premium customer service means focusing on every customer experience, including over the phone.

From creating a great first impression and transferring a call effectively through to controlling the conversation, the depth of your phone skills will have an effect on your customer.

So how do you transfer a call successfully?

Here are a few basic techniques that are easy to implement and will dramatically improve your phone skills.

1) Never say "hang on"

Instead of telling someone to “hang on” use the term “One moment please”. This is a far better, professional alternative. If you aren’t sure what to do, use this phrase and place the caller on hold. This will allow you time to work out what to do.

2) Always use the customers name

If the customer provides their name to you, you should use it. Names are powerful and people respond positively when you use their name.

So instead of saying “yes, certainly I’ll put you through”, say “Certainly Mr Jones, I’ll transfer you now”. This basic level of recognition and acknowledgement is noticed by customers and shows we care about them.

3) Use the Hold button

Use the Hold button on your phone system, or at the very least the mute button if you’re using a headset or a mobile. No-one wants to listen to you fumbling around, shouting or talking to someone else. It makes you sound like an amateur, to sound professional, use the hold button.

4) Pass on all the information

Instead of saying “there’s a guy on line 2 for you” try something like “Mr Johnson is on line 2 for you, he’s calling to find out when his car will be ready”. This will enable your team member to pick up the call and use the customers name and avoid them having to repeat themselves “Hi Mr Johnson, I understand you’re calling about your car, I can let you know ….”

5) Don't ask "Are you there?"

When you return to a caller who’s been placed on hold, don’t ask “Are you there? Are you there?”. This sounds unprofessional and the only answer to that question is yes.

Instead use your callers name and then get straight to the point. “Thanks for holding Mr Jones, I’ve found the details …”

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