Inspiration – the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

Thanks Google.

Perhaps that definition needs updating to “fleeting motivation that lasts even shorter than an Australian Prime Minister ”.

Whatever the definition, we’ve all been inspired before – been struck by that invigorating feeling, like a bolt of lightning propelled by Zeus himself. But unfortunately, like lightning, the bright flash is gone before you know it.

Inspiration never overstays its welcome.

Which is why online customer service training is so vital in today’s economy. Now stay with me here; for decades customer service training was only accessible through once-every-so-often, face-to-face sessions – a costly, time consuming and infrequent exercise.

No matter how rousing your suit-wearing, hand-motioning, overly-enthusiastic trainer was, I can guarantee that your staff’s inspiration faded pretty darn quickly.

It’s understandable, considering the constraints of time and money (and attention spans), that you attempt to cram as much information into your single customer service training session as possible. Lots of helpful information is good – but lots of helpful information at once, is not going to stick.

But there is an alternative: online customer service training.  We work online, we shop online, we communicate online, and we live online… so why not train online?

Online customer service training offers various unique benefits:

No speaker cost; no venue hire; no catering requirements… The small subscription fee to your online customer service training platform will undoubtedly be a fraction of the cost!

Train for as long, or as little, as you want. Train when you want and however quickly you want. If today doesn’t end up suiting you, make it up during tomorrow’s session! All you need for online customer service training is the internet!

Double dipping is recommended! With online customer service training there’s no limit to reviewing material and revising the handy information that is impossible to absorb fully the first time.

Call for a half an hour training break in the conference room, or turn it into a ten minute cool down at the end of the day at each individual’s desk. Learn in the setting that best suits your style.

Forget juggling multiple departments’ schedules – with an online customer service training platform you can schedule and pre-plan training sessions to spread out over as little or as long a period as you like.

Oh and one more thing, there won’t be an annoying, overly enthusiastic trainer at the front of the room. We have engaging, animated videos you’ll actually want to watch. Online customer service training isn’t just the way of the future, it’s the way of the present!

Get your staff using a flexible, effective and convenient online customer service training program today, with Canity.